Portable Smoothie Blender

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The new smothies blender is here to help you!

Do you like to take your nutritious drink with you wherever you go?

With this set of portable blenders, it’s never been easier to make a tasty and healthy smoothie, perfect for life on the go.
Complete with a stainless steel blade, you can easily blend your favourite fruits, vegetables and any other ingredients you like.
Compact design for easy transport.
Powerful and efficient blades to quickly reduce frozen fruit to a liquid state.


  • Function: Juicing – Capacity: 350ml
  • Voltage: 5V – USB Rechargeable
  • Colour: white, pink
  • Capacity of pulp residue box: 500ml or less (including 500ml)
  • Feed port shape: round
  • Maximum speed of juicer: 18001 rpm (included) -20000 rpm (included)
  • Body material: plastic

Built-in safety switch that prevents the juicer from operating with the jar removed
Additional juicer functions: squeezing juice, crushing ice, mixing, beating eggs, making a milkshake.

  • The portable electric blender is powerful, simple to use and easy to clean.
  • It’s portable and cordless, so you can take it with you anywhere.
  • It has a powerful battery that can power up to 15 blends on a single charge
  • It can break up ice and frozen fruit in seconds and make smoothies.
  • It’s a must-have for anyone who wants to eat fruit and vegetables with ease.
  • You rarely find a smoothie blender in the shops. Which is very limiting considering how much you
  • love your smoothies and shakes.

Package contents
White electric juicer: quantity according to the chosen variant.











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